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CougarLife Scam:  Is Cougar Life a Scam or Legit Place to Hook Up

It’s no secret that advertises itself as the premier website for sexy young men and attractive mature women to meet. But does the website actually live up to the hype or is Cougar Life a scam?

It only takes one web search for the term “cougar life scam” to determine that the majority of people who have purchased memberships on feel that they got cheated more than anything.

After analyzing all the major sites that provide Cougar Life reviews as well as purchasing a membership myself, I’ve put together a list of the top 3 reasons often gets labeled as a scam.

Cougar Life Scam Accusation #1 – The use of fake profiles

When most people start out with they opt for a “free” membership to test the waters and see if they want to upgrade. Many free members have reported being contacted by many sexy singles soon after signing up. Unfortunately the only way to communicate back with these interested people is to upgrade your account. Once upgraded though, members soon find out that the “people” that contacted them were actually fake profiles or bots.

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Cougar Life Scam

The funny thing about these robot profiles is that labels them as entertainment for their users. In fact, if you read the terms and conditions carefully, they reveal that they use fictitious profiles on their website known as “Cougar’s Cs”.

Here is a quote taken directly from

“You acknowledge and agree that the descriptions, pictures and information included in the profiles of our “Cougar Cs” are not associated with a real person, but are provided primarily for your amusement.

CougarLife Scam Accusation #2 – Shady billing practices & lack of customer service

Another accusation that often gets thrown around on review sites is how handles its billing and customer service. It seems as though users find it difficult to cancel their membership and many have reported being billed even after they canceled. Others complained about the complete lack of customer service when they called in for support or questions about their account.

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Is Cougar Life A Scam Scam Accusation #3 – A haven for scammer & web cam girls

The third major issue that Cougar Life users talked about was the high number of scammers and web cam girls. While many dating websites have this problem, it seems as though is especially attractive for web cam girls looking to make money off of eager young men.

Here is a Review from Scam

In closing, the negative Cougar Life reviews far outweigh the positive ones. While I’m sure a few people are actually having success on the website, it’s no secret that a large majority of past members feel that Cougar Life is a scam.

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